Join the O.V. Catto Initiative

We need volunteers like you! Learn more about how you can help make a difference on Election Day 2020.

Ensuring the right to vote for black and brown communities in Pennsylvania is crucial. But this year especially, there is so much at stake. We hope to protect and empower Pennsylvania voters through our efforts, and we need your help to do it.

We need attorneys.

  • Attorneys will be trained in Election Law best practices through Continuing Legal Education (CLE) sessions led by experts and advocates in the field.
  • Attorneys will coordinate teams of volunteers that will offer extraordinary assistance on voter protection on Election Day and the weeks leading to it.
  • Voter Protection Teams will span 18 municipal jurisdictions in 16 Pennsylvania counties where primarily minority communities could greatly benefit from Election Day support.

We need non-attorney volunteers.

  • O.V. Catto Initiative volunteers will staff our Voter Protection Teams throughout the state to provide resources and information to minority communities.
  • Volunteers will receive training on Election Law from experts and attorneys who will lead the Teams.
  • Volunteers are critical to our efforts. It is imperative to provide as much voter support and protection as possible throughout the Commonwealth.
  • We are always in need of help recruiting. Volunteers will help expand our efforts through marketing and communication efforts.

November 3, 2020 is a time when voters can voice opinions on the function of our government, and voices from the nation’s minority communities cannot be silenced or suppressed in the process.

Join our team and let’s make a difference together.

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