‘Dirty Work’ of White Liberals Done by Police

Former mayor of Minneapolis Betsy Hodges, in an opinion piece posted in the New York Times, criticized the “white liberal” for ignoring pertinent issues faced by individuals of color across America. In the wake of worldwide protests following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, she calls for “structural changes that wealthy and middle-class whites have long feared” to actually promote progress. The article linked below, written by a white Democrat herself, details the cognitive dissonance seemingly held by a great deal of people who claim to be pro-racial equality, and the importance of realizing one’s own biases to instigate real change.

Published by michaeljgoerlitz

I'm studying History in the College graduating in 2023, and I'm originally from northeastern Pennsylvania. Right now I'm a research assistant for the "Becoming Elizabeth" project as part of Unstable Archives, a research collaboration focusing on the intersection of gender and British imperialism in South Asia.

One thought on “‘Dirty Work’ of White Liberals Done by Police

  1. This is also manifested in the way activist organizations are funded or eligible for scarce resources. There is always the attitude that “We know more about how to address your problem, than you do. We’ll do it our way rather than what you say you need”.


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