Run for Judge of Election

The O.V. Catto Initiative believes that it is paramount to emphasize the use of public information for tactical development. Our people must adhere to the basics. We’ve got to utilize every opportunity to develop leadership at the precinct/division level. By now, you are paying attention to how far politicians will go to claim and hold onto political power. That’s why it’s important to continue our non-partisan effort to protect democracy and our voting rights from the ground up! 

In 2021 the Judge of Election will be on the ballot in each voting division. If you care about how elections are conducted (Who’s in charge of elections? Who works elections? Who protects the voters?), then you should become a candidate for Judge of Election in your Voting Division. The Judge of Election is in charge of the polling place where you vote, so it can’t get more basic than that.

Get the non-partisan Committee of Seventy manual on how to become a candidate for the Election board in your polling place below. Then get into the mix. If you want to continue to defend democracy, step up.  Take charge right where you live. 

Access Committee of Seventy manual at above link.

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