Pushing for Earlier Mail-In Ballot Processing

In light of the ongoing pandemic, states are shifting away from physical polling locations to increase the number of mail-in ballots and remote drop-off locations as a way to curb the spreading of any contagions. However, as seen by the late primary election results released by numerous states, a spike in not-in-person voting may extendContinue reading “Pushing for Earlier Mail-In Ballot Processing”

‘Dirty Work’ of White Liberals Done by Police

Former mayor of Minneapolis Betsy Hodges, in an opinion piece posted in the New York Times, criticized the “white liberal” for ignoring pertinent issues faced by individuals of color across America. In the wake of worldwide protests following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, she calls for “structural changes that wealthy and middle-class whites have longContinue reading “‘Dirty Work’ of White Liberals Done by Police”

The Removal of the Frank Rizzo Statue was Long Overdue

It took the city of Philadelphia almost 150 years to honor our namesake martyr Octavius Catto with a statue, yet Frank Rizzo, a man with quite a racist, brutal past, was memorialized not even a decade following his death. Black residents of Philly have long struggled under institutionalized oppression, which escalated under Rizzo’s command. ConsideringContinue reading “The Removal of the Frank Rizzo Statue was Long Overdue”

2020 PA Primary Results

Since the PA Primary Election on June 2nd, the Philadelphia City Commissioners have verified the results. 32.38 percent of eligible voters turned in ballots, with almost 350 thousand in total. Less than half of votes cast were in-person by machine, while 40 percent were sent by mail, due to removal of restrictions during the currentContinue reading “2020 PA Primary Results”