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The O.V. Catto Initiative is honored and proud to be partnering with the following organizations similarly dedicated to empowerment of voters of color in Pennsylvania.

  • The Historic African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas
  • ACLU Pennsylvania
  • PA Votes
  • PA Common Cause
  • The Black Political Empowerment Project
  • Chester County Minority Caucus
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority – Omega Omega Chapter

Assistance for Judge of Elections on Primary Election Ballot

The O.V. Catto Initiative will work closely with any first time candidate for Judge of Elections, if they intend to be on the May 18, 2021 Primary Election ballot, in any of the below wards and divisions in Philadelphia. We will offer strategic and tactical assistance to any citizen who wants to assume responsibility for how elections are run in their neighborhood. Please contact Jemadari at: 215-510-9928.Continue reading “Assistance for Judge of Elections on Primary Election Ballot”

Black Votes Are Under Attack

It is evident that the political reaction and backlash to the election of our 44th President was not something new to America. It’s happened before and it’s why we must continue our vigilance and ongoing defense of our right to vote. The following article describes previously documented efforts to disenfranchise Black voters by voter suppression, intimidation, assault, and murder, all in an unsuccessful attemptContinue reading “Black Votes Are Under Attack”

Run for Judge of Election

The O.V. Catto Initiative believes that it is paramount to emphasize the use of public information for tactical development. Our people must adhere to the basics. We’ve got to utilize every opportunity to develop leadership at the precinct/division level. By now, you are paying attention to how far politicians will go to claim and hold onto politicalContinue reading “Run for Judge of Election”

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